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The Strain Season 2 torrent

The Strain Season 2 torrent is one of the series that you can download torrent or magnet on our website. This 2015 Horror tv show is 13 episodes length with 7.4 IMDb rate and created by Guillermo del Toro. Look down for more data about The Strain Season 2.

The Strain Season 2 torrent

The Strain Season 2 Torrent (2015) Series Download

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"The Strain Season 2" YouTube trailer:

Season two of the stunning horror series starts using Eph and Nora trying to make a biological weapon against the infected witches, called the strigoi, since the crisis spirals out of control. They are efforts require them to experimentation with a newly infected bunch, although the Master of these vampires stays constant in resisting their attempts. Meanwhile, many cities start aggressive strategies to resist the strigoi since the virus spreads and insanity reigns across the nation.

Episodes included: Episode 1, E1, S2E1, Episode 2, E2, S2E2, Episode 3, E3, S2E3, Episode 4, E4, S2E4, Episode 5, E5, S2E5, Episode 6, E6, S2E6, Episode 7, E7, S2E7, Episode 8, E8, S2E8, Episode 9, E9, S2E9, Episode 10, E10, S2E10, Episode 11, E11, S2E11, Episode 12, E12, S2E12, Episode 13, E13, S2E13

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The Strain Season 2 torrent The Strain Season 2 full torrent The Strain Season 2 download

IMDb: 7.4/10 (62456) | Genre : Horror | Resolution : 720p | Language : English | Quality : HDTV | Release year : 2015 |
Episode Size : 2.02 GB | Series director : Guillermo del Toro | Each Episode Lenght : 43min

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S2 E1 | Episode 1 torrent - "BK, NY"
Believing that the blood of a fantastic wolf will cure him, Sardu's brother and cousins take him on a hunting trip. When they don't return, he follows the party to a nearby cave and finds them slaughtered, with the creature feeding on his brother's blood. Sardu attempts to kill the vampire, but it overpowers him and possesses his body by infesting it by parasitic worms, since the creature's former body dies.

S2 E2 | Episode 2 torrent - "By Any Means"
Eichhorst and Bolivar Get Ready for the Master's transfer to a new body. The vampire biology initially seems to be invulnerable, but they eventually isolate a microbe that destroys vampire brain tissue and begin testing the subjects. Dutch and Fet begin clearing their neighborhood of strigoi and wind up becoming intimate. Disgusted with their ineffectual reply, she vows to take matters into her own hands.

S2 E3 | Episode 3 torrent - "Fort Defiance"
Mayor Lyle wants her to institute the very same measures throughout nyc. A short, black and white film introduces the Silver Angel, a famed luchador who once starred in a collection of low-budget Mexican adventure movies until a crippling injury ended his career. It's implied that Eichhorst offers Palmer immortality, as Palmer immediately dissolves his and Setrakian's alliance when he returns. NYC increases its efforts to battle the strigoi as frantic citizens try to evacuate the city. 

S2 E4 | Episode 4 torrent - "The Silver Angel"
Leaving Zach in Nora's care, Eph, disguised and employing a false I.D., travels to Washington, D.C. to inform a government-connected colleague about the anti-strigoi bioweapon he and Nora developed, hoping to start mass-producing it. Nora and Dutch meet with Councilwoman Feraldo to negotiate Fet's release from custody in exchange for Nora teaching Feraldo's medical personnel how to rapidly diagnose the strigoi infection.

S2 E5 | Episode 5 torrent - "Quick and Painless"
In Washington, D.C., Eph learns that the Federal government is slowly disintegrating, as Congress prepares to impeach the president for failing to halt the strigoi outbreak. Eph's old friend, Rob Bradley, introduces Eph to a National Guard contact who promises to help. Bradley also arranges for Eph to meet Leigh Thomas, a representative for Kemerall, a pharmaceutical business.

S2 E6 | Episode 6 torrent - "Identity"
Leigh convinces Kemerall to think about mass-producing Eph and Nora's anti-strigoi bioweapon; later, Leigh and Eph celebrate, then spend the night together. Fitzwilliam shares what he knows about Palmer's plans with Setrakian and Fet. Fet and Dutch return to Dutch's apartment where they discover Nikki, Dutch's former roommate, hiding. Dutch brings her back to their hideout, fueling Fet's jealousy and anger over Dutch and Nikki's ambiguous relationship. 

S2 E7 | Episode 7 torrent - "The Born"
Based on Fitzwilliam's information, Fet and Setrakian investigate an abandoned factory owned by Palmer and discover the Feelers' nursery. When Feelers attack, the mysterious strigoi arrives and slaughters them. He introduces himself to Fet and Setrakian as Quinlan, and says he is hunting the Master.

S2 E8 | Episode 8 torrent - "Intruders"
Eichhorst teaches Kelly how to disguise herself as a human using cosmetics, prosthetics, and a wig. Eph and Zach visit Jimmy Wu, a black market dealer that Fet knows, to get a sniper rifle with which to assassinate Palmer. Wu has been shot, and Eph performs emergency surgery to save Wu's life. In return, Wu's daughter gives Eph a rifle. Eph tells Nora about what happened while he was in Washington, D.C. Dutch helps Nikki, who was uncomfortable with the living arrangements, locate a safe place to stay. Elsewhere, Cardinal McNamara engages Palmer and Setrakian in a bidding war for the Occido Lumen.

S2 E9 | Episode 9 torrent - "The Battle for Red Hook"
After Kelly's incursion, Setrakian suspects another strigoi attack is imminent; he and Eph are rebuffed when they try to warn Councilwoman Feraldo and her team. Fet and Nora stop by Nikki's new place and suggest that Dutch and Niki join Setrakian's group for protection, but they decline. Eichhorst and Kelly lead a small party of strigoi throughout the river from Manhattan and enter a power station, shutting down the power grids. Without UV lamps protecting Red Hook's border, a gigantic strigoi army invades. Mayor Lyle flees, leaving Feraldo in charge. She initially articulates in the despairing situation, but fast collects herself and rallies the Red Hook citizens, calling them to fight from the road to defend their houses.

S2 E10 | Episode 10 torrent - "The Assassin"
Eph and Dutch spy on Palmer to ascertain an perfect time and place to assassinate him. Looking for Rudyard Fonescu, who possesses the Occido Lumen, Setrakian, Fet, and Nora work to track down every "R. Fonescu" in Nyc. Palmer, hoping to reconcile with Marchand, convinces her to return to his employ. Councilwoman Feraldo demands that the Upper East Side's wealthy residents pay a parcel tax in exchange for her protection, angering Mayor Lyle and his wealthy supporters.

S2 E11 | Episode 11 torrent - "Dead End"
Eichhorst tortures Dutch, forcing her to eat pineapple to year her bloodstream prior to feeding her. Flashbacks depict Eichhorst's history as an unsuccessful door-to-door radio salesman in 1930s Germany. While on a dinner date with Helga, a pretty coworker, he's captivated by a Nazi recruiting speech. Afterwards, he rails against the Jews to Helga, who reveals she's Jewish and rejects him. Four decades later, Eichhorst has risen to the rank of Obersturmführer in the SS, attaining the status and power he had craved. He's summoned by his superiors to explain his previous relationship with Helga, that has been arrested and claims to know him. He lies and says she was merely a former office co-worker who was suspected of stealing money.

S2 E12 | Episode 12 torrent - "Fallen Light"
Flashbacks depict Eph and Nora's first meeting at a health conference and the commencement of their romantic relationship. In the current day, Zach's grandparents are located in Georgia and Eph and Nora make plans to take him there. Eph confesses he still loves Nora, but she is unresponsive and walks away. Dutch ends her relationship with Fet, opting to reconcile with Nikki; however, Nikki is leaving the city, saying that Dutch has found her true passion in fighting the strigoi and she can't take part in that. Gus and Angel break Gus's former fellow-inmates out of Rikers Island prison and recruit them as soldiers for Quinlan. Setrakian meets with Alonso Creem, who schedules a Last auction for the Occido Lumen between Setrakian and Palmer.

S2 E13 | Episode 13 torrent - "Night Train"
Eichhorst inspects the "animal processing" facility being built and is pleased with its progress. At the auction, Setrakian and Eichhorst bid against each other for the Occido Lumen. Initially Eichhorst wins, but Palmer double-crosses Eichhorst by freezing his gold funds at the last minute, allowing Setrakian to acquire the book. While returning in the van with the Lumen, Setrakian and Fet are ambushed by Eichhorst and his vampire army. Quinlan and Gus arrive with their own army and battle the vampires, forcing Eichhorst to flee. Setrakian and Fet get away through a pre-planned escape route by means of the rain sewer but are intercepted by Gus, Quinlan, and Angel at the opposite end. Setrakian convinces Quinlan that the Lumen may be utilized as bait to lure and kill the Master.

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The Strain Season 2 torrent The Strain Season 2 full torrent The Strain Season 2 download

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